If you're looking to make an attempt at seeing this shower you'll want to go outside after dark and look up. I mean, that seems like pretty sound advice on how to see a meteor shower doesn't it? I'm pretty much Bill Nye, I know.

According to EarthSky.org, the very best time to try and get out and take a peak at the 2021 Orionid Meteor Shower will be in the very early morning hours of October 20th. Additionally they say you should allow at least 20 minutes once you're outside for your eyes to fully adjust to the dark lighting.

If you're lucky you may be able to see 10-15 meteors an hour. The meteors will actually be chunks of rock and ice that have broken off from the famous Halley's Comet that cruises around our solar system and becomes visible to us on earth every 76 years or so. Some of these space chunks will be travelling at speeds of up to 148,000 miles per hour, too. Whoa!

If you happen to go out for a gander, make sure you try to snag a photo or video of your experience and send it over to us through the 92 Moose App. We'd love to share your images with the rest of Moose Nation.

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