It’s Orange Is the New Black day, as Season 5 finally gets its (official) release from behind Netflix bars. Four seasons is a lot to binge before diving into new episodes, however, so revisit the entire series with a new stop-motion recap that doesn’t hold back on any of the more NSFW content.

Netflix released a new Orange Is the New Black recap to coincide with the release of Season 5, looking back over some of the first four seasons’ most memorable moments in felt doll form. Lest you think their cutesy appearance would refrain from some of the more graphic visuals, everything from Piper’s Season 1 sandwich, to Sophia’s diagram, to Poussey’s tragic fate gets represented.

And, of course, the recap ends where Season 4 left off, as Daya held a gun to CO Humphrey, so you’ll have to start your Season 5 binge to fill in that blank. In the meantime, all Orange Is the New Black episodes are otherwise available to stream.

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