The pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to the people of Maine. But one challenge that was a welcomed surprise was a way to travel the State of Maine using clues from a new and innovative scavenger hunt game.

The Beginning of A New Maine Game

Dirigo Treasures Maine began in 2020, the year of Maine's Bicentennial birthday. The game has Mainer's finding the $20,000 prize hidden somewhere in the Pine Tree State in a scavenger hunt-style game. The game comes with a deck of cards that will help lead players to the location with riddles, hints, and puzzles.

Last year, we saw the birth of this new interactive game. But where are we at in the new year?

Has Anyone Won the Prize?

Throughout the summer and fall of 2021, we were waiting for the big announcement that someone would have found the big prize but as of the end of January 2022, we have yet to see any winner be announced or that the $20,000 prize has been found.

Get In On The Hunt

You can still get in on the game and purchase yourself a deck, find the Dirigo Stones and try to find that $20,000 grand prize. Purchasing the game will also make you feel good, too, because $1 of every sale is donated to Maine Cancer Foundation and Maine Rivers. Find out more about the game, the rules and more at the Dirigo Treasures Maine website. 

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