I think a great burger is synonymous with our great country and the great state of Maine. Check out where you can get the best burger in Maine right here.

Our friends at delish.com have done some homework, and it wasn't easy. Somehow, they have figured out where to get the best burger in every state in the Union.

It's not really clear where the first hamburger came from. According to some sources, the hamburger, as we know it, originated on the German-Hamburg-Amerika boat lines, thus bringing emigrants to our country in the 1850's.

All I know is that there's nothing like a great hamburger for lunch, dinner, picnics, and backyard BBQ's and Maine has her own.

If you're ever in the Bah Habah area of Maine, then make sure you make a lunch or dinner stop to Bar Harbor Beer Works. You can enjoy hearty soups, lobster rolls, salads, and The Blue Cheese Bacon Jam Hamburger. (Mouth watering, yet?)

Take one look at that bad boy and you're sure to sense the glands in your mouth releasing saliva like you've never experienced.

Some from the County has actually eaten there. Have you eaten there? What's your best burger experience? Please share it with us in the comments section below.


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