"HI-HO!" Who remembers Jolly John?


John Pulsifer is Maine's most memorable car dealer. With his over the top television ads, and his unforgettable catch phrase "I'm not Jolly unless you're happy."

Jolly John passed away 6 years ago this month of pancreatic cancer. He was 74. His career got started in 1958 when he started selling cars in Biddeford turning that into a 6 car dealership operation that pretty much dominated southern Maine in the 80's. When the recession hit in the 90's Jolly John had to declare bankruptcy in 1991.

Jolly bounced back opening another dealership on Route 1 in Saco but the Chrysler company was demanding improvements to the buildings that dealerships operated in. Jolly  always said “buildings don’t sell cars, people do,” And he sure did sell 'em!

The blooper reel is still great to this day!

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