Today's 'hidden gem' is a relatively new band.  It's more of a side project really; but one that seems to be a labor of love for its members, one of whom is used to selling out arenas around the world.  The band is Manraze.

Sure, being in a multi-platinum selling rock band can be - AWESOME, but it's so confining sometimes.  Just ask Def Leppard guitars Phil Collen.  With his side project, Manraze, he can go from straight-up punk to reggae to - well, anything.  Throw into the mix Phil's buddy from his band before Def Leppard (Girl), Simon Laffy, and the drummer from an iconic punk band (Sex Pistols), Paul Cook, and anything can and will happen.  You can get away from the Def Leppard influence and it makes you realize just how much Collen is responsible for vocally.  Check out some tunes.

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