Have you invested in any cryptocurrency and have been looking to shop locally with your digital funds? You can now easily buy, sell, and exchange your cryptocurrency at a few locations in Aroostook County.  

The CoinCloud machines are located at the three IGA locations in the central part of Aroostook County. These machines allow people to buy and sell over 30 different cryptocurrencies', at the rate it is trading for on that given day. All you need is your digital wallet and to follow the instructions on the screen. 

CoinCloud Crypto exchange located inside the Star-City IGA in Presque Isle JC

A simple process that is making the shopping experience easier and more modern. These CoinCloud machines can be found at Star-City IGA in Presque Isle, Hillside IGA in Fort Fairfield, and the Mars Hill IGA. Many people are still trying to figure out if cryptocurrency has legitimacy in the long run as a worldwide currency. I would say that crypto is here to stay for a while if we are seeing kiosks like this popping up in northern Maine.  


The idea of being able to shop without having to exchange cash and coin is appealing as we are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Most people were already fearful of the germs and viruses we can pass with anyone handling a bill or coin, crypto can ease those anxieties.  

Are you a local crypto investor? There are some locals who were in early on Bitcoin and have now seen their lives change. Some people play the lottery, and some play the crypto game. Let us know which cryptocurrency is sitting in your digital wallet or portfolio.

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