Some grant money will be coming to Aroostook County to help purchase some new fire equipment.

Chief Darren R. Woods stated that North Lakes Fire & Rescue has received notification of award of a FEMA Fire Grant. 

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iStock photo

This grant will purchase a special firefighter turnout gear washer and dryer along with assorted water supply equipment.

“We are very pleased about the receipt of this grant.  Without this funding, we would not have been able to purchase this equipment that will offer our firefighters an increased level of protection by removing contaminants from their firefighting gear that may cause health issues for them such as cancer.  Firefighting is inherently dangerous, we need to put our people first, and do everything we can to make sure they go home safe after the call.”

The total cost of this project is $26,200.00.  The grant will pay for $24,298.00 and the department will pay the remaining $1,247.00.

The North Lakes Fire & Rescue covers the areas of Sinclair, Cross Lake, Square Lake and Madawaska Lake.  More information can be found at the department’s website at

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