I'm sad to report that Peeps, those little fancy marshmallow treats are going on hiatus for several months according to a report by PennLive.com. Apparently this is just another consequence of the COVID-19. The parent company of the brand "peeps" is Just Born Confections. Along with many companies struggling to find a sustainable path amid the pandemic, Just Born Quality Confections said;

"We won’t be producing the popular marshmallow sweets for Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day as the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based company prepares for next Easter"

They had suspended production of the iconic shaped marshmallow candies back in the early spring as the coronavirus was spreading fast across the county. Just Born Confections did restart with limited production in mid-May with several new safety protocols in place to protect employees.

“This situation resulted in us having to make the difficult decision to forego production of our seasonal candies for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in order to focus on meeting the expected overwhelming demand for Peeps for next Easter season, as well as our everyday candies,”

For many confectioners like Just Born, the Easter holiday season is one of their biggest and busiest times of the year as children and adults for that matter often indulge a little more than usual and use the holiday as an excuse to enjoy candy eggs and chocolate bunnies, and of course Peeps...lots and lots of Peeps.

Just Born, which is based in Pennsylvania and has been in business since 1923, said they are hopeful to have Peeps and all its seasonal variations back on store shelves by Halloween 2021.

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