The staggering number of Nirvana memes on the internet demonstrate just how strongly the band's music and image has resonated with music fans over 20 years after they released their last studio album.

We've gathered a couple of dozen of the best examples in the gallery above, featuring clever photos and captions that play off some of the band's most popular song titles and lyrics, especially their breakthrough 1991 smash "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

You'll also find jokes about bassist Krist Novoselic's resemblance to a certain Harry Potter character, the band's highly public feud with fellow rock superstars Guns N' Roses, and drummer Dave Grohl's emergence as the leader of his own mega-successful band, Foo Fighters.

There's also some infighting to be found, with "hardcore" fans making fun of the more casual fans who only know "Teen Spirit" or don't know the name of Nirvana's bass player. Happily, Justin Bieber also takes some flack, apparently for daring to dress in the "grunge" style made famous by Kurt Cobain while performing in the band's hometown of Seattle earlier this year.

Speaking of Cobain, you may notice we left out all of the numerous memes that directly address or mock the singer's 1994 suicide. They're certainly not hard to find elsewhere if that's your cup of tea.

If you're looking for more "Smells Like Teen Spirit" fun, check out our story featuring artists from a wide variety of genres performing 14 wildly different covers of Nirvana's most popular song,

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