Nikki Sixx has offered a series of updates on the progress of his third book via a series of posts to his Instagram feed over the past few days. The yet-to-be-titled work will be the Motley Crue co-founder's third foray into the world of publishing, following The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star (2007) and This Is Gonna Hurt (2011).

"350 more pages to go," Sixx writes in a post from this past Saturday (Mar. 3). "Book number 3. Chapter 1 “The Benefit Of The Struggle” Writing book’s, poetry, short stories and lyrics takes me outta my comfort zone which is exactly what I need in life to progress as an artist.....#Writing #Books #Creativity #Struggle I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WRITING A PARAGRAPH ON EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE FEELING DAILY. It will improve your life. BTW. I was thrown out of school and never graduated.(I wish I had) but the truth is,you can educate yourself. Now I sure the hell cant spell great but that won’t and never has held me back from my love of WORDS..."

The bassist has also been posting pictures of some of the written works which have been inspiring him as of late, including books by Allen Ginsberg's poetry collection Wait Till I'm Dead, Ryan Holiday's Ego Is the Enemy and Robert M. Drake's A Brilliant Madness among others.

"I tend to read a lot more when I am writing books, both for inspiration and for tempo," Sixx says. "In the end I always revert to a weird rhythmic version of lyric writing which is mostly inspired by beat generation writers ( Example: Shout At The Devil)."

The best-selling tome The Heroin Diaries detailed a year in the life of Sixx beginning in December 1986. While it was the height of Motley Crue's popularity, it was also the peak of his depression and drug addiction, culminating on a near fatal heroin overdose in 1987. This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx focused more on his interest in taking pictures, filled with many sometimes disturbing images and accompanying prose. Both texts were accompanied by a musical soundtrack of the same name by the currently on hiatus trio Sixx A.M.

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