A Maine Television legend has announced his retirement after 47 years. Bill Green is retiring from News Center Maine after his final broadcast on November 22.

Bill Green got his start in 1972 in Bangor at WLBZ 2 as a camera man before becoming the WLBZ sport anchor. He later moved south to Portland at WCSH 6 where he remained for decades.

I fondly remember Bill and the late Bruce Glacier's sports call-in show, Sports Overtime. Bruce and Bill were fun to watch as they talked Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and local high school sports. They were pretty funny together too. Look how young Bill was back then in 1988.

Bill went on to host his own show on weekends called Bill Green's Maine, where he would travel the state to find interesting stories about the interesting people, places and the history of Maine.

Bill is an avid outdoorsman as well, and he covered hunting and fishing, snowmobiling and ATVing, hiking and about anything that you could do outdoors in Maine in his News Center Maine segment Green Outdoors.

Why did Bill retire? He wrote on News Center Maine's website, "After 47 years and seven months, I’ve had enough of the day to day grind. I would like to have more time with my wife and the freedom to do what I want. That includes travel."

Well deserved Bill. You've been a television friend to generations of Mainers and it won't be the same without seeing you on our TVs. Enjoy your retirement!

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