The Patriots were among the first NFL team to own their own plane and they have put it to good use over the years.  According to, their most recent project is to provide much-needed aid to Haiti in the wake of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake amid political unrest.  Humanitarian aid is desperately needed.  The Boeing 767 is packed with medical equipment, medicine, water, and more… over 40 pallets worth of supplies. The flight will also include medical professionals and infrastructure experts.  Both the Kraft family and the Baker-Polito Administration organized the aid.


For an NFL team, they have put it to good use


This is not the first time the Patriots have stepped up to help others.  Back in May, the plane delivered vaccines to El Salvador for the COVID-19 crisis there.  We also can’t forget when this country was badly in need of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) it was the Patriots that came through for us and picked up a load for us in China and flew it all the way back here for Massachusetts frontline workers.


Giving Back


It’s nice to see the team and the Kraft family giving back to those in need.  The situation in Haiti is dire.  There is so much suffering in the world, it’s good to see our team making the world a better place.  With a pandemic, an earthquake, and with the assignation of their President recently, Haiti is in real trouble.  Getting aid to the country quickly could save many lives.  Just another reason to root for the Patriots, America’s Team.




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