The Fort Fairfield Police Department announced Friday that Matthew Cummings is the town’s new Chief of Police.

His first day as Chief of Police was August 9, 2021. Chief Cummings has been working with the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office over the last seven years as a patrol supervisor. His career in law enforcement started in 2003. He worked for the Fort Fairfield Police Department in 2009 after moving to the town.

Cummings said about his appointment to Chief of Police, “I truly look forward to both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I am ready to build a positive relationship between our community and the police department.”

Andrea Powers, Fort Fairfield Town Manager said: “Chief Cummings has the law enforcement knowledge and experience in implementing innovative technology solutions and a strong aptitude in building lasting relationships that will advance our police department and position our community well into the future. He has a passion for community policing, transparency in law enforcement, and a strong service and dedication to this community. We are looking forward to his tenure with Fort Fairfield.”

The Fort Fairfield Police Department said his role is to continue community policing as well as enhancing public safety outreach programs while serving as an important part of the town’s administrative efforts.

Congratulations to Chief Cummings and his family on his appointment.

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The Fort Fairfield Police Department is located 18 Community Center Drive. Their non-emergency phone number is (207) 472 - 3808. They update their Facebook on a regular basis with information about the community.

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