Public Health reported no new cases of COVID-19 Friday.

Also, effective Friday, Zone 5 (Campbellton region) moves fully into the Yellow level with the rest of the province. The Yellow level includes the gradual reopening of more businesses and activities while working to prevent a resurgence of the virus.

The state of emergency mandatory order was revised Friday.

In all zones of the province, all remaining businesses may open provided they ensure appropriate distancing and sanitizing, and subject to general guidelines from Public Health and the Guidelines for New Brunswick Workplaces issued by WorkSafeNB. Businesses which chose to reopen must prepare operational plans that can be provided to officials, if requested.

The following are allowed at the Yellow level:

  • Household bubbles can be extended to close friends and family.
  • Non-regulated health professionals and businesses can open, including acupuncturists and naturopaths.
  • Personal services businesses can open, including: barbers, hair stylists, spas, estheticians, manicurists, pedicurists, and tattoo artists.
  • Outdoor gatherings in uncontrolled venues with distancing of 50 or fewer people.
  • A cap on the number of people gathering in controlled venues is lifted. Occupancy is based on the ability to maintain physical distancing between participants that are not close friends and family. This includes churches, swimming pools, saunas, waterparks, rinks, indoor recreational facilities and organized sports which previously had a gathering limit of 50 people.
  • Increase in elective surgeries and other non-emergency health care services.
  • Outdoor and indoor visitation with physical distancing and controls in long-term care facilities, if the facilities are able to do so.
  • Gyms, yoga and dance studios.
  • Pool halls and bowling alleys.
  • Organized sports with appropriate distancing and sanitizing.
  • Overnight camps.
  • Casinos and bingo halls.
  • Amusement centres and arcades.
  • Cinemas and large live performance venues.
  • Trade shows and conferences.

Controlled venues at which seating is offered are required to maintain records of users’ contact information to allow Public Health to conduct targeted follow-up should there be a COVID-19 exposure at the venue. This requirement also applies to anyone who hosts, organizes or permits gatherings of more than 50 individuals.

In New Brunswick, residents no longer need to self-isolate when returning from work in another Canadian province or territory but they should self-monitor.

Canadian residents owning property in New Brunswick will be permitted to enter the province provided they self-isolate for 14 days, or the duration of their visit if it is shorter than 14 days. Canadian residents can visit family members in New Brunswick provided they self-isolate for 14 days, or the duration of their visit if it is shorter than 14 days.

No new cases

The number of confirmed cases in New Brunswick is 165 and 150 have recovered, including 29 related to the outbreak in Zone 5 (Campbellton region). There have been two deaths, and the number of active cases is 13. Two patients are hospitalized with one in an intensive care unit. As of today, 42,150 tests have been conducted.

Information on public health recovery phases, measures and guidelines is available online.

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