Public Health reported three new cases of COVID-19 Monday.

The new cases are:

  • an individual between 20 and 29 (Zone 5 Campbellton region);
  • an individual between 20 and 29 (Zone 1 Moncton region) and;
  • an individual between 30 and 39 (Zone 1 Moncton region).

The two cases in Zone 1 are temporary foreign workers and the case in Zone 5 is a health-care worker at the Campbellton Regional Hospital.

“We all have different and important roles in slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health. “Everyone is trying to do their part to help. This gives us hope and strengthens our belief that, despite the uncertainty ahead, by working together we can create more resilient and connected families and communities, and a stronger society.”

The number of confirmed cases in New Brunswick is 160 and 129 have recovered, including nine related to the outbreak in Zone 5. There have been two deaths, and the number of active cases is 29. Four patients are hospitalized with one in an intensive care unit. As of today, 37,509 tests have been conducted.

“Our province was quick to take action and slow the spread of the virus, and that has allowed us to begin reopening our economy earlier than many provinces,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “A recent report by RBC confirms that we are on the right track, and, thanks to our quick actions, New Brunswick can expect to recover 95 per cent of our February 2020 GDP by the end of this year.”

All areas of New Brunswick except Zone 5 are currently in the Yellow level of the COVID-19 recovery plan, which is aimed at the gradual reopening of businesses and activities while working to prevent a resurgence of transmission. Zone 5 remains at the Orange level of the recovery plan.

The following rules apply to Zone 5:

  • A two-household bubble is permitted. Your household can join up with one other household, if both households mutually agree. You must not have close contact with anyone else. You cannot join up with more than one household or bubble.
  • Non-regulated health professionals and businesses such as acupuncturists and naturopaths cannot operate at this time.
  • Personal services businesses such as barbers, hair stylists, spas, estheticians, manicurists, pedicurists, and tattoo artists cannot operate at this time.

Information on public health recovery phases, measures and guidelines is available online.

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