I know I was not alone in this 

Being a typical male, I was as surprised as anyone else to learn that Sunday was National Daughter's Day. All it took for me to discover that Sunday was indeed the day, was to hop online. Days like National Daughter's Day are what social media should be every day.

It was kind of like the good old days of positive vibes on Myspace 

Anyone with a social media account learned about the holiday and was treated to endless pictures and tributes to the special relationship between parent and daughter. I never considered much as I matured that I could someday be helping to raise a girl. The moments that the idea of a family future would come into my imagination I never envisioned being the only male in the home. Ask anybody that has a girl at home and they'll tell you that there's just something different and special about raising a girl.

Daughters watch you all of the time

Daughters, no matter if they are biologically connected to you, or if life decided to bless this girl with three loving parents, will soften your heart. Girls are smart, honest, curious, generous, and very kind hearted. The innocence of the little girl you admire is something you know is fleeting so you try to snap every mental image of her joy and growth that you can. A girl that was running excitedly to the toaster every time she heard it pop, is now making her own breakfasts and packing lunch.

In some ways you'll never stop being the little girl we wanted to freeze in time

As time goes by you realize that they need you less and less. That's the hard part of all of this, but this is where girls thrive. Girls make a heart-to-heart connection in their own ways with each parent, and you'll always have that connection to the little girl for life. She will always come to each parent in her own way, making them feel special. It cannot be explained as a feeling.

You are showing us, that we are doing something right 

Daughter's Day is a great way to reflect on raising these future women and mothers and also enjoying who they are in the moment. Our not-so-little girl is becoming an independent person we are all so proud of.

I'm sorry to the readers, but now I must singe out someone extra special

She may never read this but to our girl, Happy Daughters Day. The three of us love you very much. 


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