Today is the 'official' National Radio Day. Many people turn them on, but don't know the history behind the medium that has brought us great music and talk through the years!

People longing for wireless communications is nothing new. However, people and companies have built on that desire for over 100 years!

It wasn't just one man who invented the radio. Several people were involved with it as they attempted to invent a medium that would bring information from one source to another.

Early technology, like Nikola Tesla's 'Tesla Coil', coupled with early inventions of reception and transmission, were key factors in the late 1800's and into the early 1900's, in bringing about sound into the homes and cars of people.

An Iowan by the name of Lee de Forest was a scientist who invented the Audion vaccuum tube which helped to make live broadcasts possible.

All of these efforts were far from being in vain because in 1906, the voice of a Canadian-born man, Reginald Fessenden made one of the first known broadcasts from Brant Rock, Massachusetts.

As radio became more and more prolific, big band and vaudeville acts would take their entertainment to the homes of men and women all across America in the early 1920's, following news and world event broadcasts as well.

What is you favorite kind of music? Whatever it is, you probably first heard your favorite son on the radio. Share your favorite radio station in the comments section below and Happy International Radio Day!




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