It's no secret that Dave Portnoy's visit to Monte's in Portland Maine has put this little pizza shop on the map. It's funny because now they're just being viewed as a pizza joint when not many know they've got much more to offer, and it's pretty interesting.

I recently took a little visit to Monte's out near Forest Ave just to be nosy and check out the scene. I've been here once before, and I remembered I got everything but pizza.

On my little stalk adventure, I not only found their little farmer's market section off to the side, but I also found what looked like hundreds of clear bags containing the BIGGEST pieces of pasta I've ever seen in my life.

I mean, one piece of pasta they've got in these bags was comparable to the size of my hand and I am so here for it. The packaging says it's real Italian pasta and baby do I believe it. I bought three bags, mostly because I have no self-control.

Another cool part about Monte's that people may not know ever since they got labeled as just a pizza place lately, is the fact they support and sell tons of local Maine breweries.

You can buy 6 packs of your favorite Maine beer right there in the checkout line. That was me the other day, just standing in the line for the register holding a 6 pack of Oxbow. It's fine, everyone's fine.

P.S. Why do their sandwiches look like they could taste better than winning one million dollars feels?

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