Fed up with all the class and grace of a regular beauty pageant? Do you wish all beauty pageants would just trim the pretense and get down to just, you know, judging the contestants by the shape and plumpitude of their lower back sides? 

If you answered “yeah, bro” to any of these questions, then Miss Bum Bum Brazil is the beauty pageant for you!

Judges choose the “most beautiful bottom” from 27 contestants. It’s just as simple as it sounds. If you’re a Brazilian woman, and you think you have a nice bum, and you’re willing to show off that bum to, say, the entire world, then you’ve got a shot at winning … something. A modeling contract maybe? A high-five, perhaps?

Whattayasay, should we start the petition to get Miss Bum Bum USA going? Someone start a Tumblr of possible contestants already!


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