In honor of the release of their Blacklist album and the 30th anniversary of The Black Album, Metallica appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (Sept. 10), where they performed a couple of songs, did an interview and read bad reviews of their iconic self-titled record.

More specifically, they read reviews of the album on Amazon that were only given a single star. As you can imagine, not many of the reviewers wrote the actual reasons why they don't like the album, but rather just repeated the phrase "Metallica sucks" a bunch of times, called them "lousy" and recommended people buy albums by Foreigner or Dire Straits instead.

Additionally, they spoke with Kimmel about their performance with Miley Cyrus earlier this week on The Howard Stern Showwhere they played "Nothing Else Matters" and actually had Cyrus take the lead on the vocals.

"Back then, things were so segregated in music and if you were in this particular lane, nobody else would want to know. Especially in the hard rock world, there was an undercurrent of conservative views, and if you strayed away from that, you were a sell-out," Lars Ulrich said of working with artists of different genres.

Metallica certainly have no fear of fusing genres now, as their Blacklist album features artists of all different backgrounds covering their songs from The Black Album.

"We encouraged all artists that we knew had, in some way, been influenced or affected by Metallica along the way, 'Would you like to cover these songs?' And there was way more 'Yes' replies than we anticipated, so we figured that the smartest thing to do was just let them pick their own song," the drummer explained of the concept of the tribute album.

Last but not least, they performed two songs as well — "Wherever I May Roam" and "Holier Than Thou."

See all of the videos below.

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Metallica - 'Holier Than Thou' on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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