Metallica are making some progress on their next album, but according to guitarist Kirk Hammett, things are still at the point where the disc hasn't really taken shape as of yet.

Speaking with the San Jose Mercury News, Hammett revealed, "You guys will see the album when it's done. We have songs. I can verify that. We are working on music. I can verify that."

Elaborating on where the band is in the process, he added, "It's so early in the project -- things can shift drastically to the left or the right within a week's time. It's hard to comment on anything right now, because nothing is really permanent."

One thing that is of permanence is the past and Metallica have done a great job of revisiting past live recordings over the years. The band's "Live Metallica" archive just added several more shows, including three performances from Brisbane, Australia in 2010. Those can be found here, here and here. Plus there's a Brisbane Soundwave Festival performance from 2013, as well. And to top it all off, the band is issuing a "25 Nights Down Under" 50-CD Box Set that can be pre-ordered at this location.

As for where you can see Metallica live in 2015, the band will headline the Rock in Rio USA and Lollapalooza festivals in the U.S. as well as a number of top festival events around the world. Check out their full tour schedule here.

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