This is a busy month. Schools out. Summer has started. Weather

And one of the great things about living in Maine is the outdoor living.

Nothing like being out in the yard with the fire pit full of wood and your favorite tunes playing on the radio.

So, this might come off as a lecture, or a push down but the intent is so we all can keep living the dream, especially in Maine and especially in the summer months.  Anywhere better?  Don’t think so.

June is Men’s Health Month

This s the tap on the shoulder that encourages men, and for that matter boys, to take charge of their health.

Not only making healthy lifestyle decisions, but planning a checkup with the Doctor, and getting into the habit of regular checkups.

And if something is off in your day to day living, like a sore this or that, or a lingering issue of any kind, Men’s Health Month is a time to do something about it and see a professional.

We all can do this. It’s summer. Much easier to eat healthier and be more active. It is the season for fresh fruits and vegetables, and even yard work and gardening is ‘more active’

We got this.

Here’s the link to more from Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Who among us hasn’t heard of a buddy who neglected health and it led to something serious. Yet could have been a much better outcome with early detection and action.

Make the appointment.

See you on the trail. Gotta get our steps in.

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