When we Mainers buy our lotto tickets, we do so with the assumption that we most-likely aren't going to win. Personally, if I did win the Mega Millions my wife would have to use it to pay for my funeral because I'm pretty sure I would die. Literally.

Since some bozo from Maryland just won my precious Powerball jackpot, it's on to the Mega Millions which, at last check this morning, was sitting at a cool $970 Million smackeroos. The cash option on that, after taxes, is only a measly $716 million. Chump change! The drawing will be held tonight at 11p.

Let's say you did win, and let's say you took the cash option and ended up with $716 million greenbacks. What would you do with it? What could you do with it? Well, the short answer is just about anything you wanted to. For example, let's say that your favorite vehicle was a 2021 Chevy Corvette Z51. That car (just one) is going to cost you around $75,000 out the door. Maybe your friends want one also? You could buy 9,546 brand new Chevy Corvettes. That would be highly irresponsible, but totally awesome.

Maybe you're into vacation homes in some of country's most beautiful states. Let's say you want to buy a pile of vacation homes and that each one cost $900,000. You could afford to purchase 795 homes at that price. Can you imagine? Even if you stayed one day at each one over the course of two years, you still wouldn't have seen all of your houses.

Now let's take it up a slight notch. How many times would you have to win $716 million bucks to pay off the national debt? At the writing of this article, the national debt clock indicated a US national debt of 27,820,564,290,456.... that's almost $28 trillion. According to my calculations, errr, according to Google's calculations, you would have to win tonight's Mega Millions jackpot a cool 38,000 (yes, thirty eight thousand) times to pay down the National Debt. Even if you won that amount every single day, it would take 104 years to pull it off at $716 million a DAY.

Well, that's depressing. Anyway, good luck in tonight's drawing, friends! Oh, and check out this house you could buy!

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