This vintage footage from the Memorial Day Parade in Mars Hill, 1946 shows how much things have changed and how much they look the same.

The caption on the video reads:

This Memorial day parade in Mars Hill Maine was taken in about 1946 - shortly after VJ day. Included in the video are: Ethel (Hammond) Knox, Marion (Crouse) Hammond. Leala Hagerman and Ralph Hagerman"

You get a good look around town. There's so much nostalgia with the storefronts and classic cars, the Esso & Gulf stations, the dirt road, the soldiers and the people. You can picture where things are today.

The band is playing on the porch of what is now the Katahdin Trust Bank - and make note of the 'Fort Kent' bus coming through at the 1:27 point.

Google Maps puts you on Maine Street, Mars Hill, in the same spot as the film:

Happy Memorial Day! Remember those who serve and have fun with family and friends.

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