The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office says a Mars Hill man was killed Tuesday afternoon when a camp on Route 162 in Sinclair collapsed while he was working underneath the building.

Aroostook County Sheriff's Office

North Lakes Fire Department and Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the site shortly after 3:45 p.m., as was Ambulance Service Inc. out of Fort Kent, according to Sheriff Darrell Crandall. Maine Game Wardens and a State Trooper also responded to assist.

Deputy Sheriffs reported that 49-year-old Kevin Kearney of Mars Hill had been under his camp, working to make it level. His father, James Kearney, was also there but was not under the camp. During the process of jacking up the camp, the building unexpectedly shifted toward the lake and the younger Kearney was pinned under a floor support, Crandall said. He did not survive.

Emergency personnel and nearby residents worked together to stabilize the camp enough to recover Kearney’s body as safely as possible, Crandall said.

Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating the circumstances surrounding Kearney’s death, in consultation with the Medical Examiner’s Office. Crandall said they found nothing suspicious and all evidence points toward a tragic accident.

Even though emergency personnel stabilized the camp somewhat, the area is still unsafe. Sheriff’s line tape remains around the structure on Wednesday, and Sheriff Crandall is telling people to stay away from the camp.