A wanted man from Rwanda was arrested along the Maine - Canadian border on Sunday by U.S. Border Patrol agents. The man allegedly committed crimes against humanity and violated the war crimes act.

Officials say Border Patrol Agents were dispatched from the Houlton Border Station on Sunday after a report of a suspicious person walking near the international border in the Houlton area.

Agents responded and were able to locate the man in question. He was identified as 42-year-old Jean Léonard Teganya, from Rwanda. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the man had entered the U.S. illegally by simply walking over the border, without federal inspection. Teganya was taken into custody for processing in violation of entry without inspection.

Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Border Services Agency

During the processing, the Customs and Border Patrol Agents said a database verification revealed that Teganya had an active warrant in Canada for removal due to violating human or international rights under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Agents then processed him for removal and turned the case over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's office.

According to Canada Border Services Agency, Teganya goes under several different aliases.

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