Like many in Maine, you absolutely hate allergy season. We get tired of sneezing and itching. Here are some of Maine's worst enemies that cause them.

Over 50 million Americans have really bad reactions to nasal-type allergens such as, but not limited to, grass, mold, weeds, cat hair and pollen.

Our friends at recently found out which seasons are the worst for allergies in each state, to include Maine!

The worst time of year for allergy season is spring, in southern Maine. The second worst allergy season in Maine is summer. Fall is the third worst season for the upper part of Maine.

Who are the enemies in the Northeast?

  1. Ragweed
  2. Mulberry
  3. Elm
  4. Maple
  5. Ryegrass
  6. Sagebrush
  7. Oak Russian Thistle also found that spring is the absolute worst allergy season nationwide.

Across the nation, October actually has the lowest allergens. It's interesting that October would be the lowest considering the leaves are falling and mold can be prevalent.

For winter allergies, February was seen as the worst month overall, especially toward the end of the month when brushes and plants begin to bloom.

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