The Luck O' The Irish is upon us again and here in the County, many of our friends and neighbors are of Irish decent. Some towns in Maine have more than others.

Our friends at have done some extensive research on the holiday itself. Did you know that every year the president of Ireland gives the President of the United States a crystal bowl of shamrocks?

In 2017, a leprechaun's pot of gold containing 1,000 gold coins weighing an ounce a piece is an estimated $1.22 million dollars.

In the County, we have many residents who are of Irish decent. With the help of a chart, we are able to pin down the percentage of the Irish population to see what towns in the county have the most.

About 18-percent of those living in Maine claim to be of Irish decent. Take a look at the towns below. You'll see they're all in Aroostook County in the Pine Tree State.

  1. Littleton - This town checks in with the highest population of 38.06 percent. That's 85 out of a town population of 237. They are the most "Irish" town in the state.
  2. Castle Hill - About 36.11 percent of the population is Irish. That's roughly 156 out of 432 people in this town.
  3. Dyer Brook - This town just edges out Allagash by a hair. This town is in the southern area of the county and about 35.86 percent of their residents are Irish. That's 85 of a population of 237.
  4. Allagash - This town is known for the 'Allagash Abductions', which are the accounts of 4 men who claim to have experienced an alien encounter in the summer of 1976. However, the towns Irish population is right about 35.81 percent which means 77 of the 215 people residing there are of Irish ancestry.
  5. Blaine - The little town, just south of Mars Hill, claims 30.05 percent of their population is Irish. That's 232 of 772 residents in Blaine.

Although these are round about estimates, they are close enough to show you that the towns in the County have the larger population of Irish ancestry. Therefore, we'll probably be seeing a lot of the St. Patrick's Day spirit alive and well in Aroostook.


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