One would like to think that when someone does something that we might deem 'radical' that there is a good reason for doing so. And then there are those who just do things to get attention.

A Maine woman, who legally changed her name to Jesus Christ, recently wrote a letter to television juggernaut Oprah Winfrey.

WGME-TV reported that 83-year-old, a northern Waterboro, Maine resident, Jesus Christ, wrote a letter to Winfrey when she learned that the television magnate was considering a run for the Presidency.

According to Christ, when she wrote the letter, she had no idea that it would receive so much attention.

There is no way that we'll knock 83-year-olds pure intentions, but to the rest of the world when you have someone name, Jesus Christ, writing a letter to Oprah, you can bet that's going to get someone's attention.

And it did.

The back story of the letter writer is that 50 years ago, she changed her name to Jesus Christ as she wanted to help spread the message of faith and peace in an ongoing writing campaign.

What really caused the letter to get some traction was when television anchor, Gayle King, posted on Instagram, asking if this was a sign that her friend was going to actually run to be President of the United States.

Christ commented that she likes Oprah and if she were to run for POTUS, she would certainly vote for her.

However, unless something changes, Christ won't be seeing Winfrey's name on the ballot box in the upcoming election.





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