Welcome to the Atlantic Hurricane season. Yup, on top of the pandemic and social unrest and even Maine shark attacks, now the USA gets to weather... the weather. Meteorologists are saying it's already an active season and its just getting started. Luckily, (knock on wood) no major storms have hit landfall on the East Coast. The next one brewing is Tropical Storm Isaias. Hoping this stays in the "tropical" category and not the hurricane category although it is strengthening and is scheduled to hit the Florida coast on Saturday. Our friends ay the National Weather Service in Gray think we will feel the effects next week with some tropical moisture-rain, coastal flooding, and maybe some tropical breezes. In case it hasn't been humid enough for you this week! As always, the track of the storm may change between now and next week, so we will be sure to keep close eyes on it for you.

Hurricanes usually don't get too close to us, however, there have been a few over the years. There were Carol and Edna in 1954. Hurricane Donna in 1960. Hurricane Gloria in 1985, and Hurricane Bob in 1991.

Here's the predicted track for Isaias.



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