It's pretty sad when you read about someone getting burned, but it's really sad when you find out a 12-year old girl took on a dare that just about cost her her life.

This has got to be one of the dumbest and dangerous new dares that some kids are challenging each other to do - The Fire Challenge.

This is where a kid is challenged to pour a flammable liquid on themselves, like gasoline, and then light it on fire.

12-year old Timiyah Landers of Michigan recently accepted the fire challenge and the result of it was that she wound up engulfed in flames.

This is a far cry from a boy daring another boy to go and kiss a girl on the cheek or a girl challenging another girl to write something funny about the teacher on the whiteboard.

Because Landers executed the challenge in her home, her mother had to literally extinguish her daughter from the flames that were consuming her.

Third degree burns over 49-percent of her body and multiple surgeries were the rewards of her actions.

Parents, be forewarned and be aware of what your children are doing!

Please be aware of some of the other really stupid challenges that are out there to include, but not limited to, The Deoderant Challenge, The Hot Water Challenge, and  the newer and dangerous Hot Coil Challenge.

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