How about being on vacation, doing your usual helping others and taking care of the environment, and doing it for free at a Maine State Park? Well, here's your opportunity to go camping for free while volunteering a few skills this upcoming camping season at a Maine State Park.

If you are all about the great Maine outdoors and have some time to give to volunteer, Maine State Parks are currently accepting applications for those that want to help out at a number of the state's park locations.

Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash
Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

Maine Offers Campground Host Duties In Exchange for Free Camping

You'd be taking up the position as a 'resident host', volunteering at a Maine State Park or parks of your choosing. You get to chill for free at a campground, help campers at the campground, and help maintain the campground. And, if you have a few extra skills to offer you can even help coordinate activities at the park for campers to take part in or take photographs of the beauty of your resident location.

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What kind of time is asked from you as a volunteering campground host?

While the duties are pretty much laid out for you above, the program does ask for 20 hours of volunteer work for individual hosts.

You can sign up another individual to join you in volunteering so, if you have a friend or companion interested in joining you, you can both cohost the park and camp for free. It is asked that co-hosting duties volunteer 15 hours per individual, just so you know.

Video still from NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube
Video still from NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube

Here's where you can be a campground host in Maine

Luckily, Maine has plenty of State Parks and campgrounds for you to volunteer at. Campground host State Park locations include:

Another big year is in store for Maine State Parks

Reservations for Maine State Parks have been extremely popular this year, seeing a large increase resulting in the opening day of reservations for all State Parks on February 7th seeing 9,000 reservations in one day, with 4,279 transactions within the first hour of taking reservations for the upcoming season, according to Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands March Newsletter.

For more information and apply

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer host, check out the webpages and application links available at the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry's 'Campground Host Opportunities' page, a part of the Bureau of Parks and Lands.

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