One of the really cool things about social media is how it can turn an average person into an international superstar overnight.

For some reason, this seems to happen way more frequently on TikTok than any other platform.

Social media experts would probably credit this to the platform's algorithm.  Psychologists would probably say that the short length of the videos plays into everyone's short attention span.  The average user would probably say it's because it is easy to produce crazy videos.  Whatever the reason, all it takes is one popular video to catapult a user to stardom.

Tim Davis, and his K-9 partner Marek, are two of those people.

According to WCSH 6, North Carolina native Davis was on his way to becoming a teacher when he met his wife.  They were both part of an oversees Christian mission trip.  They hit it off, and he never looked back.

For over a decade, he worked on the family blueberry farm.  But, since he wanted to help people, he took a job as a corrections officer.  Later, he joined the Camden Police Department.  As a dog lover, when he saw an opening for  K-9 officer with the Knox County Sheriff's department he jumped at the chance.

While Davis and Marek had 800 hours of training together, it only took a few weeks for them to form a bond.

While teaching a DARE class, Tim Davis was introduced to the social media platform TikTok...  The rest is history.

So far, Davis and Marek have over 670,000 followers and their videos have over 9 million likes.

You can follow them @k9marek_and_tim

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