It has been said that two things are certain in this life. Death and taxes. However, there are many states that have a low tax structure for their people, but Maine is not one of them.

When you compare states whose political leanings are more Democrat, you will find that those folks pay higher taxes. States that are mostly 'red', or Republican, tend to pay less in taxes.

If you think there is something to this, you're right. Our friends at have done a bang up job in listing the states that have a lower tax structure, as well as those in the high ranks.

The state of Maine ranks #4 of states that pay the highest in taxes. For a state with just over 1 million people, that seems a bit ridiculous.

The rankings were based on property tax, income tax, sales and excise tax along with a total of personal income tax in the state.

New York, whose population far exceeds Maine's by about 8 million people, was the highest in the nation. The state of Deleware, who is not far behind the Pine Tree State in population, is the state with the lowest tax structure.

You may want to call your state's governor and your representatives within the state and have a conversation with them about lower the tax structure in Maine. Especially if you expect to have more businesses come in to help with the tax burden.

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