If you think your child is the only one addicted to mobile devices and laptops, don't be alarmed as you are not alone. A new study shows that many parents are concerned about this addiction.

A survey from Common Sense Media and SurveyMonkey found that 47-percent of parents are concerned that their child is addicted to their mobile devices.

Having said that, it was interesting to learn that 32-percent of parents admitted that they're addicted, themselves.

Jon Cohen, Chief Research Officer with SurveyMonkey said,

"For as much attention as technology addiction receives among adults, parents - particularly those with teenagers - are far more concerned about their children's device usage than their own."


In a recent USAToday article, it was also noted that half of the parents said that they are at least somewhat concerned about how mobile devices will affect their kids' mental health.

According to the survey, nearly one in five said that they're extremely concerned or very concerned about this.

This warrants the question to parents, "Is it time to begin a digital detox?" What would happen if the whole family went on a digital hiatus?

Some have said that families who 'disconnect' become more 'connected.'

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