Look to the skies in the coming weeks as we get to witness a great aligning of major celestial bodies on our horizon.

In 2011 we saw four planets align- Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. This time around we'll get to witness the moon be part of the parade, as well.

A parade is coming to the night sky

According to Unilad, those of us in the northern hemisphere will get to see a rare alignment of four planets and our moon from now until April 20th. Celestial bodies are currently getting into place with a straight line up of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the moon to be in line on April 20.

Already in place is Saturn, which has been nearly invisible due to the sun's light. Now we should start seeing this massive planet in our solar system on the horizon in our night sky.

Last week sky gazers could see Venus, Mars, and Saturn form a triangle in the dawn skies.

Next week, we'll be able to see Saturn and Mars with equal brightness in the sky.

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The full alignment

By April 20, we'll get to see the completion of four planets aligning with the moon. Starting from the east horizon and working towards the south, you'll be able to see Jupiter at nearly due east, followed by Venus, Mars, and Saturn. The moon will be further from the grouping but sit low on the horizon close to due South.

Via Time and Date
Via Time and Date

More celestial action in April

Another upcoming event you will be able to witness in the night skies this coming April is a comet that will be passing by the sun on April 21. It's considered a close passing, within about 43 million kilometers, that Comet C/2021 03(PanSTARRS) will be passing by the sun. Chatter from Business Insider is saying that it may be bright enough to see with your naked eye in late April and early May. Look to the west/northwest after sunset for this celestial happening.

Look out for an even grander conjunction of five to six planets aligning in the skies in June! Happy skywatching!

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