AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine lawmakers might put limits on the size of all-terrain vehicles.

ATV riding is a popular activity in Maine, which has thousands of miles of trails. In recent years, larger ATVs sometimes called “side-by-side ATVs” have grown in popularity.

Republican Rep. Tim Theriault of China has proposed size and weight limits for the vehicles. The bill comes as some in the state have voiced concerns that the large ATVs contribute to erosion on the state’s expansive trail network.

The proposal would also up the annual ATV registration fee by $25, the Portland Press Herald reported.

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The Maine Legislature was moving toward approval of the restrictions last year when it adjourned early because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The “side-by-side” ATVs seat two to six passengers and can weigh well up over a ton. The proposal before lawmakers would limit the size of the ATVs to 2,000 pounds.

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