A Maine man who went from being found passed out in a chicken coop to crashing a stolen Police cruiser in a hail of bullets will remain in jail.

The Suspect Will Undergo a Competency Test Before Entering a Plea

Gary Porter, 37, has not yet been indicted and will undergo a competency test before entering a plea. At the time of his arrest, he was charged with two counts of theft, assault on a police officer, escape, eluding, and violation of bail.

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Porter Crashed Two Stolen Cruisers and Survived a Hail of Bullets

The charges stem from an incident that began when Porter was found passed out in a chicken coop. He had an outstanding warrant for theft and was taken to the hospital for conditions unrelated to the arrest and then to the Oxford County Jail. Once at the jail, as Paris Police Chief Mike Dailey got out to remove Porter from the vehicle, the suspect slipped his cuffs, moved into the driver's seat, and stole the cruiser. Chief Dailey was thrown from the moving vehicle while he tried to stop Porter's escape.

A chase ensued involving members of several police departments until Porter crashed the cruiser on Route 117 in Paris. Surrounded by numerous police officers with guns drawn, Porter exited the cruiser in a hospital gown and handcuffs, allegedly shot at the officers, and stole another cruiser amid a hail of gunfire from the police. He crashed that vehicle, as well, and was taken into custody. A woman who happened upon the scene got a video of police opening fire, which you can see here.

Prosecutors Say the Decision Not to Release Porter is Appropriate

Porter suffered one gunshot wound during the incident and was treated at a hospital before being taken to jail. He made his first court appearance on Monday where a judge determined that he should remain incarcerated until a June 4th hearing about revoking bail. Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne told NECN it was the right decision because he put multiple police officers at risk with his actions.

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