A man from East Waterboro took off from a bar with a vehicle in tow. He was allegedly so drunk that he wasn't aware of his extra cargo.

If you've ever pulled a trailer, there's a pretty solid chance you're aware there is something in tow, right? In fact, you modify your driving habits based on the situation at hand. It's one thing to be a designated driver, and even cooler to tow the person's car home if they are unfit to drive.

This is not that story.

According to the Buxton, Maine Police Department's Facebook page, 25 year old Justin Sproul of East Waterboro was arrested for OUI. Shortly after 11pm Saturday night (4/20), officers witnessed a large pickup truck turning onto Narragansett Trail (Route 202) from Skip's Lounge and appeared to be towing a vehicle. When the officers observed no rear lights on either vehicle they conducted a traffic stop.

In the post, officers noted Sproul backed into the second vehicle. The truck's trailer hitch went into the rear bumper of the second vehicle on impact. When the operator drove away, he didn't realize the other vehicle was attached to his.

Sproul will appear in Biddeford District Court in June


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