A Maine man who owns several funeral homes is accused of stealing money from his clients' funeral trusts.

The Katahdin-Area Funeral Home Owners is Facing Felony Charges

Harold 'Chip' Lamson, 53, was arrested Sunday on two outstanding warrants for felony theft.

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Police Say He Was Allegedly Stealing From Customers' Funeral Trusts

Lincoln Police Chief Mark E. Leonard said in a media release that the charges stem from an investigation into the misuse of funds from funeral trusts established through Lamson's Funeral Home. According to the company's website, Lamson Funeral Home has multiple locations, including Lincoln, Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Danforth. Search warrants were executed at two of Lamson's funeral homes on May 9th. Officials say that since the searches were completed and the investigation made public, more than 50 additional complaints have been filed with the Lincoln and East Millinocket Police Departments, against Lamson.

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A Funeral trust account lets residents set aside money for their end-of-life expenses. This ensures that at least some of the costs of burial/cremation and services will be covered at the time of their death, thereby relieving their loved ones of having to pay them out of their pockets. Those accounts are typically set up through funeral homes, who act as trustees.

Officials Hope to Talk to Anyone Who May Be Affected By Lamson's Alleged Actions

Anyone who believes they or someone they know may have been affected by Lamson's alleged actions is encouraged to contact Detective Jacobs with the Lincoln Police Department at 207-794-2221 or any officer at the East Millinocket Police Department at 207-746-3555.

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