As a new transplant to Maine, I am fascinated by everything of this astonishing state. When I heard that I had moved to an area in the country where I could hike to the point where the sun rises first in the entire United States, I started planning for that adventure immediately.

Maine's Cadillac Mountain Has the United States' First Daily Sunrise ... Usually

Sunrise in Acadia National Park
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I started planning my adventure to witness the first sunrise of the day in America for July 1st. The weather was going to be warm with clear skies. The sun rise was scheduled for 4:55am. I planned to leave my place at 2:30am and arrive an hour later in Acadia National Park to ascend up Cadillac Mountain that many have shared on multiple platforms takes a little over an hour to reach the top. Perfect. Plenty of time to hike and then find the best seat on the summit. Then I received a painful text from a colleague.

David, you know that the first sunrise on Cadillac Mountain is seasonal. On Saturday, July 1st, the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain will NOT be the first in America. - Colleague who waited until the last minute to break my heart

During Certain Months, Cadillac Mountain in Maine Experiences the First Sunrise

That's right. NOT year round. From January 11th thru March 26th and October 7th thru November 29th, Cadillac Mountain sees the sunrise before anywhere else in the United States. Definitely NOT on July 1st, the day that I had planned for my sunrise adventure. My sunny disposition had faded quicker than a sunset. So, what about the rest of the year?

Quoddy Head and Mars Hill in Maine Host the First U.S. Sunrises, Too

West Quoddy Head Light

West Quoddy Head is the most eastern point in the United States. You would think that it would be in this beautiful area that we can see the sunrise before anywhere else in America year-round. Lucky for Cadillac Mountain and Mars Hill, topography blocks the initial rising of the sun for most of the year, giving opportunities for those two other locations the title of first sunrise as well.

Mars Hill
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From March 7th until March 24th, and September 19th until October 6th, West Quoddy Head will be the spot to view America's first sunrise, leaving Mars Hill (about a 2-hour drive from Bangor) with the other dates.

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