While Maine lags far behind the Midwest states when it comes to the amount of corn grown in the state, we do have a fair number of cornfield mazes here in Maine.

In fact, we have some of the best cornfield mazes in the country!

According to News Center Maine, Treworgy Orchards in Levant is up for best maze in the country.

This year's Treworgy Orchards maze has a Winnie-The-Pooh theme.  The 4 acre maze is made up of 60,000 corn plants.  In the article, the staff explains that the design and planning of the maze is quite the undertaking.  Over the last few years, maze themes have included Charlotte's Web, Paul Bunyan, and a knight & dragon.

Their corn mazes have earned a first place finish in 2018 then runner-ups the three years following.  Voting for USA Today 10Best ends at noon Monday, Sept. 12, and winners will be announced on Sept. 23.

Treworgy Orchard's maze is not the only New England maze on the top 10 list.  Others include Connors Farm in Danvers (MA), Davis Mega Maze in Sterling (MA), and the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville (VT).

You can vote for your favorite cornfield maze by clicking HERE.

Get more details about the orchards and maze on the Treworgy Orchards website.

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