Today is a great day for many reasons! It's the day we kickoff Stuff the Bus in Houlton, the weather is comfortable, and the pothole at the Walmart in Presque Isle has been filled! After weeks of intense observation and documentation, the crater of the Star-City has been taken care of. There are many "bloggers” or "journalists” who would never recognize the problem they point out being fixed. I am neither one of those titles, so I have no problem saying thank you to whoever is responsible for fixing this problem.  


As I turned off of Main Street in Presque Isle and into the plaza, I noticed that the potholes entering Tim Hortons had been filled overnight. I always try to maintain a positive mindset and I told myself “Today's the day, I bet it's been filled". I rounded the turn and found the pothole had been filled and is gone. Kind of.  


I will take it! I was able to drive over the former pit of the parking lot just as smooth as silk. There were many of you who have enjoyed these posts and have been very supportive in the efforts to get this issue resolved. As with anyone in the public eye, there were many of you who had suggested I find ways to utilize my time. Thank you for the suggestions and as always, thank you for taking time to read anything I put out here. When I was gathering some pictures of the repaired pothole, I was treated to some early morning horse racing from the Amish racing team. 

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The sound of the hooves pounding on the pavement is always a therapeutic sound to me. I heard these horses stomping as they turned at the stop light and into the plaza area. As I stated earlier, there is much to be thankful for. We have the two-day Stuff the Bus and the return of the Northern Maine Fair! Have a great day and keep smiling!

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