There are lots of happy hunters in New Brunswick right now, after an extended moose hunting season comes to a close.

Volodymyr Burdiak/ThinkStock
Volodymyr Burdiak/ThinkStock

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources say this year's hunt produced numbers that were 10% better than in 2013. A total of 3,690 moose were harvested this season.

Harvest numbers are a slightly lower than biologists had predicted, likely due to warm and windy weather on several days during the moose season last week.

The estimated number of adult moose in New Brunswick is 30,000, which is considered a healthy population.

The number of resident hunters this year was 4,612.

Total moose harvest was up in all regions, with the largest increase in the northwest.

Below is a list of the increase in the number of moose harvested by region:

  • Region 1 (northeast), up by 40 moose, an increase of 4% ;
  • Region 2 (central and southeast), up by 63 moose, an increase of 9%;
  • Region 3 (southern NB), up by 62 moose, an increase of 9%; and
  • Region 4 (northwest), up by 179 moose, an increase of 17%.

This year's New Brunswick moose hunting season was extended by two days to a five-day season, allowing hunters more time.

Did you get your moose this year?

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