According to a report in the Portland Press Herald, iconic Maine outfitter L. L. Bean is letting go of 200 employees.

The staff cutbacks are across all areas of the company.  Those employees let go will remain on the payroll through February and will receive a severance package.  The company will also offer them help in getting another job.

These cutbacks will leave the company with approximately 5,200 employees.  3,500 of those employees are in Maine.

Additionally, they'll be closing their Peck Building call center in Lewiston in 2021.  The 130 employees from that call center will be offered positions at the Freeport call center or be allowed to work from home.

A spokesperson for the company said that L. L. Bean was going through the process of reorganizing certain parts of the company.  And, unfortunately, part of that process involved the reduction of staff.

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