It's not only the roadway you should pay attention to when you're behind the wheel.

Check out this frightening video of lightning striking a moving car. We're not sure where or when this happened, but even if we did it wouldn't spook us any less.

You can see the car smoking like a turkey that's been left in the oven too long. The driver keeps moving for a few seconds before he and his passengers get out. Then, a swarm of people descend onto the vehicle, drawn to it like the proverbial moth to the flame.

The lightning may be the terrifying part of this clip, but the zombie-like march of the masses is the creepiest. They emerge like ants at a picnic and all appear to be wearing black. Was there some sort of cult meeting nearby the lightning struck? Did they practice some sort of black magic to make the lightning hit the car? There are just so many questions we may just all be better off not knowing.

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