Libra Professor and author Debby Irving will discuss her book, "Waking Up White" at a presentation at the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

Irving will give her presentation in the Nadeau Hall conference room on Wednesday, January 16. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Professor Irving will discuss her book and how she spent decades silently reaffirming harmful, archaic racial patterns instead of questioning the racial disparities and tensions around her.

Irving states “While mainstream media often brings a good/bad, black/white version of events involving individual actions, I try to encourage people to bring more nuance, historical knowledge, and personal reflection to the issue.”

UMFK President John Short says the university is committed to supporting constructive and inclusive conversations around any topic and “Ms. Irving’s community presentation is part of a larger set of campus workshops that will take place with faculty, staff and students throughout the day. We proudly host a global community on our campus and we look for any opportunity to broaden our scope of knowledge.”

Waking Up White functions as both a “Racism 101” for white people and a rare exposé on whiteness for people of color.  It is the book Irving wishes someone had handed her decades ago.

A copy of Ms. Irving’s book, Waking Up White, is available at UMFK’s Blake Library.

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