A whole lot of people put their wedding plans on hold in 2020 because of pandemic restrictions on large gatherings. But with a little light at the end of the tunnel showing itself for 2021, wedding venues and vendors may find themselves back in business by the summer. With that in mind, WalletHub did a study looking at the best cities across America to get married in during 2021 and the top destination in Maine is a bit of surprise. Lewiston, come get your prize.

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Out of 180 cities in the United States that were ranked, Lewiston came in #16. Portland was the only other city in Maine to be ranked at #25. While both cities boast some terrific wedding venues and top-notch vendors, those who get married in Maine tend to find their way to one of numerous coastal inns and resorts or inland to scenic areas or rustic barns. Lewiston and Portland are home to very few wedding venues in comparison to some coastal hotspots.

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So how did they end up with this ranking? It's all about the methodology, and for this study, it's quite interesting. WalletHub factored in affordability, from price-per-plate to decorations to DJs. Those factors and the points accumulated would be expected. But for 2021, WalletHub also factored in safety, in this case solely focused on safety from COVID-19 infections and deaths. Because of this additional point factor, both Lewiston and Portland saw their ranking rise considerably.

So if wedding vows are in your future and you're getting hitched in Maine, science says Lewiston is your best option. Better send out those save the dates as soon as you can.

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