I saw an interesting article at travelandleisure.com that mapped out what vacations would best suit you based on your zodiac sign. So, I had to checkout what they had to say about my zodiac sign. I'm a Virgo (Sept.22nd) last day of being a Virgo, so I also looked at Libra as well.


For Virgos they suggested that Virgos want a detailed itinerary and we tend to be perfectionists, so they suggested that an ideal vacation would be a bike tour through southern Italy, a Paris walking tour or a trip to an American dude ranch. I can see doing the dude ranch thing but no way would I do a bicycle tour anywhere and I don't see Paris as my thing.

Libras look for tranquility, peace and variety. That kind of sounds like me, then I saw the suggestions for vacation ideas for Libras. Yoga retreat in Mexico or a peaceful retreat to Martha's Vineyard. I can see doing the Martha's Vineyard thing, but yoga in Mexico not so much.

Checkout your zodiac sign and see what vacation suggestions they have for you.

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